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The UPMGROUP has been the holding brand name for various companies and has become   incorporated in 2008 in the UK. By bringing together these companies with diverse ownership structures and associated companies. The UPMPGROUP<United Project management Group> purpose is to maintain the brand name of UPMGROUP member companies, manage the relationship, structure between these companies and help to manage the projects undertaken.

The UPMGROUP founder has been responsible for research and development of specialised process in Water Desalination technology, that has been deployed in the Middle East. From that initial base the group has entered various spheres of the UK and International market place operating through it’s members companies.

The UK subsidiaries of the companies have fast interests, in security, scientific research, services, education, knowledge transfer also have  substantial commercial property interests

The  UPM  Group  looks  to  Build  and  develop business relationships in partnership and joint enterprise initiatives with Governments and ethical private corporations across the world.

UPMGROUP has a great deal of depth in the Iraqi market place. Through governance, transparency and professionalism, the group has gained recognition and respect which has given it the opportunities to establish and develop respectable businesses and operation in the country.


Companies of the UPM GROUP


UK based property landlords  & property management  providing more than 10000 bed spaces in cooperation  with local and central  Government Departments in the


Medical Research

A UK based research program in association with prominent  universities and aim top develop new methods of diagnosing down syndrome.

EURO Energy cell

UK based fuel cell technology in joint Venture  with the university of Hertfordshire in the UK and automobile industries.

United Ultimate Homeland Security

Next generation security management tools for Governments

Liylan Group

A European agriculture and construction group with 3000 hectares already developed up to 30000 hectares for various types of agriculture  with emphasis on organic growth.


UPM have opened an office in Iraq to develop various marketing and trading activities in commodities and Food stuffs

UPM Training (Manchester Learning Centre)

Offering  various courses in education and training in association

With Learndirect and the international learning centre.

The Ishtar Gate Project:
Developing a sustainable vision and roadmap for the Iraqi Higher Education Sector, in partnership with UK HE good practice.
Click Here


CLion an oil and gas trading group dealing  with oil products within the gulf region,

CLion a group of companies specialised in oil trading from SOMO in Iraq, also an oil contracting company supported by Elemara United contracting. CLion for the last 13 years worked to supply petrol products to the local markets and government power station through their associates in the gulf region.  

The upmgroup works on procurements and project managements with some major companies the like of ESSAR , who are a major group in oil/ gas , engineering procurement construction Click Here

C’Lion Iraq brings together Western Oil and Gas world renowned investment and professionals to IRAQ via a carefully structured plan of development of assets across the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors of Iraq via an Iraqi majority owned fully integrated Petroleum Company.

Substantial asset under review with our Confidential Asian partners.

C’LION has developed a company strategy whereby 51% of the ownership will be held by Iraqi National share holders and 49% by a consortium of International parties that have been developed by C’LION.


Infrastructure and energy merchant bank for the re-building of the infrastructure and development of the Energy Resources of IRAQ

UPMGROUP LLC a UAE based company specialised in oil products trading.

UPMGROUP LLC , work with clients like Esterleoil Marketing corporation, United oil trading, international oil trading, to supply oil products from the Gulf and Russia to the far east and Africa including Egypt and Sudan, Click Here

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