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Help Desk

  • ·Tracking capability for all incoming incidents

  • ·Functions as Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for IT support

  • ·Offers basic problem management, contains issue escalation procedures and is supported by outside specialty groups for higher degree incidents

  • ·Concentrates on incidents and issues of end users

  • ·Collaborative and easy to use

  • ·Maintains database of all reported incidents and actions taken

  • ·Ability to create monthly, half-yearly and annual reports on the number of issues, response time, time taken to fix the issue and integration of such parameters into a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • Benefits of Outsourcing Help Desk/Service Desk:


A large business may have more than one help desk to take care of diverse needs. Further, while most companies have an in-house help desk, outsourcing of help desk provides multiple benefits as well:

1. Cost Saving:  By offering scalability and expertise, an experienced outsourcing company providing help desk support will be able to provide more cost efficiencies than an in-house set-up.

2. Quality:  Outsourcing the help desk requirement to a specialist results in improvements in quality of service accompanied by reduction in response time and complaint resolution.

3. Resource Optimization:  Outsourcing the help desk allows internal allocation of manpower and other resources towards the core competency of the business. This facilitates higher productivity and focus on mission-critical activities.

4. Scalability:  As the business grows day in and day out, the help desk also needs constant up-gradation. An in-house help desk could consume investment, time and resources when the demand for this service increases. The problem is considerably diminished when the job is outsourced, as in this case only the types and parameters of service need to be updated.

5. Disaster Recovery: Outsourcing is a suitable strategy for business continuity planning, as the enterprise’s delivery and availability to its users is unhindered, in the face of risks and contingencies.

By enabling IT users of the business to work in a more efficient manner, a help desk has become an essential service for technical support in many leading enterprises. If internal productivity will be compromised by establishing a help desk with existing resources, outsourcing to an expert help desk services company is a viable solution for long-term benefit.

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